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Nike Flyknit Collective London

Yesterday I was invited down by Mr. Charlie Dark to the Flyknit Workshop at 1948. I had previously researched the weekly Flyknit events, so was very excited about what was in store. A heads up that important, creative and influential people were to be gathered in one room made me that much more hyped to be there. Although that almost got ruined by some fool messing up the Northern Line and making me ever so late, which made me have to run from Old Street station and walk into 1948 looking like a hot mess whilst everyone sat calmly in their white Flyknit Collective tees. ANYWAY…

Sitting in a circle around tables in 1948, all I kept thinking was wow…the whole installation art merged with something else, to create something else, because it was inspired by something else, in this case running, was right up my street. 

Ben Shaffer, studio director for the Nike Innovation Kitchen, gave an impressive presentation about how the Nike Flyknits came to life, from the initial idea to the testing and prototypes to the end product. It was great to  appreciate the amount of time, research, development and innovation that goes into the final product. Often we just take a product from the shelf and sometimes end up loving it; its amazing that we love it, but when you know what actually happens to make a product this great it makes it all the more sweeter.

I was really excited to hear from Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, who was also at the workshop. Installation art for me has been a point of interest for a little while now and I’d stumbled across his work whilst doing some projects at uni. In sync with the Flyknit construction and the feelings produced from wearing such trainers, 1948 have now featured an installation created by Neto which incorporates the main characteristics of the Flyknit shoe - Lightness, Formfitting, Performance and Sustainability. For the art lover, it’s a beautiful and interesting crafted piece. For the Run Dem Crew-er it’s that too but also a place to stretch after a hard run on a Tuesday night. We spent some time figuring new ways of adapting our bodies to the space. Way too cool. I need me something like this in my back garden just to chill in *waves at Ernesto Neto*

As is normal for a Tuesday night at 1948, we were to set out on a run, this time with a little task at hand! The person who burnt the most Nike Fuel on our Fuelband by the time the whole session was over would win themselves a pair of Flyknits. Mate. I am so not one of those annoying people that are competitive with absolutely everything, but most things that are sports related I can get majorly competitive. I wanted to win those bad boys! The way I was fist pumping, cutting shapes and doing the hand shakey-shakey ’Away Away Away’  all whilst running just to generate as much Nike Fuel as possible in order to win. In my head they were mine. I was gonna be on top. I was gonna win.

Fail. I lost. Laugh out loud.

Jamie won the Flyknits. I’m not sure what place I came. But I was informed I came first out of the girls! Yay me. There should have been a prize for me, considering generally in sports the guys compete against the guys and the girls compete against the girls, hash tag just saying! Is that me being a sore loser? *Looks around for a response*

A wonderful evening with friends and creatives, we even learned how to hand crochet! Thanks to the Swoosh team and Charlie for inviting me!


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